API Video Generation Usecases

As mentioned in our API references, you can use our Storyboard API to generate video preview and further use Video Render API to generate Video in mp4 format.

Any Video in Pictory consists of the following components:

  1. Video Scenes (or Visuals): Video is divided into multiple Video Blocks called Scenes. These scenes can be provided in the following ways:
    1. You can choose to provide your video blocks (as URI). OR,
    2. You can provide input text to generate visuals for each scene. The input text is used as a subtitle of the videos as well.
  2. Audio: Video can consist of background music and voice-over.

Following are sample use cases which can be used to Create and Edit Videos using Pictory APIs:

  1. Text to Video
  2. Video to Text
  3. AI Video Summarisation
  4. Bulk Video Generation using our Template API