This API requests Pictory Server to generate downloadable video link. This is asynchronous REST API.

Request Header

Parameter NameParameter TypeDescription
AuthorizationString (Required)An authorization Token is required to call the Storyboard API. Authentication API. Contact [email protected] to get access to the Authentication API.
X-Pictory-Customer-IdString (Required)You can obtain X-Pictory-Customer-Id by reaching out to us at [email protected]

Request Object

Video rending is a complex process and so is the request body of this API. If you want to generate Video from text or edit an existing video, renderParams object from the Storyboard API Job Response can be the request body for video rendering.

Tips: Call Storyboard API to get the Request Object for this API. Use the data within renderParams object from Storyboard API callback as Request body of Render API


The Video download link and other details are sent to the webhook URL sent in the request object.

You can check the video rendering status from GET Job API . Once the job has been completed, this API also returns The video download link) in the response body once the job has successfully completed.

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