This API is used to update variables in the template and generate Video Preview

Creating and Updating Variables in .pictai Files for Personalized Videos

To generate personalized videos using the .pictai file, you can define and update variables through the API. Follow these steps to create and utilize variables:

  1. Create a Variable in the .pictai File:
    Use the {{ ... }} tag to create a variable within your .pictai file.
    For example, to create a variable named customer_name, include {{ customer_name }} in your .pictai file.
  2. Update the Variable via the API:
    Assign the value to the variable in the variables parameter of the API. Here's an example of how to set the variable customer_name to "Mark Vaughen":
    • Create a variable in your .pictai file by using {{ ..}} tag.
    • For example, if you mention {{ customer_name }} in the .pictai file then a variable with name customer_name is created. :
"variables" : {
  "customer_name" :" Mark Vaughen"
  1. Modify Scene Object

To change the background scene URL or to change the entire scene object pass the sceneId along with the scene parameters which needs modification

// sample scene object
"scenes": [
            "sceneId": "20240618070751211ijVMSfbuojRA4ZP",
            "subtitles": [
            "backgroundVisual": {
                "visualUrl": "BACKGROUND_SCENE_URL",
                "type": "video"
  1. Video Preview:
    The GET job API will return the video preview URL showing the scene with the actual customer's name.
    Following these steps, you can easily create and update variables to generate personalized video content.
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