Highlight Keywords in the Video Subtitles

We are excited to announce new enhancements to our Storyboard API, allowing you to highlight specific keywords in your videos with customizable colors. Additionally, our algorithm automatically detects and highlights keywords in subtitles, which can be disabled if desired.

Figure 1:  Example Screenshot highlighting "International Yoga Day" text in subtitles

Figure 1: Example Screenshot highlighting "International Yoga Day" text in subtitles

How It Works

  1. The text attribute in the Storyboard API now supports highlighting specific keywords using the <strong> tag. When you enclose a word or phrase within <strong> tags, the API will ensure these keywords are prominently highlighted in the generated video. You can also specify the keyword

Key Features

  1. Keyword Highlighting : Emphasize important words or phrases by wrapping them in <strong> tags.
  2. Customizable Colors: Use the keywordColor attribute to specify the color of highlighted keywords.
    1. Default Keyword Color: You can specify the default keywordColor in Text Styles Object.
    2. Scene level Keyword Color: You can also specify different keywordColor for each Scene Object.
  3. Automatic Keyword Detection: The algorithm detects and highlights keywords in subtitles by default.
    Disable Automatic Highlighting: Set the autoHighlightKeywords attribute to false to disable automatic keyword highlighting.

Sample Storyboard API

    "videoName": "Sino-Japanese-War",
    "videoDescription": "Santa Claus is coming to town",
    "language": "en",
    "autoHighlightKeywords": true,
    "voiceOver": true,
    "audio": {
        "autoBackgroundMusic": false,
        "backGroundMusicVolume": 0.5,
        "aiVoiceOver": {
            "speaker": "Jackson",
            "speed": 100,
            "amplifyLevel": 0
    "textStyles": {
        "fontFamily": "Noto Sans",
        "textColor": "#FFFFFF",
        "fontSize": 32,
        "keywordColor": "#6339F8",
        "textBackgroundColor": "#000000",
        "verticalAlignment": "bottom",
        "horizontalAlignment": "center"
    "scenes": [
            "text": "The <strong>International Day of Yoga</strong> is a day in recognition of Yoga, that is celebrated across the world annually on June 21, following its adoption by the United Nations in 2014.",
            "voiceOver": true,
            "splitTextOnNewLine": true,
            "splitTextOnPeriod": true
            "text": "As Yoga exercises have shown significant benefits for physical and mental well-being, it was considered important by the UN to globally promote this wellness practice, which originated in ancient India.",
            "voiceOver": true,
            "keywordColor": "#FFFFFF",
            "splitTextOnNewLine": true,
            "splitTextOnPeriod": true